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Taking decisions on quality data is the key

Taking decisions on quality data is the key

Getting access to fast flowing data is becoming a sought after commodity.

Our team of developers specialize in getting data out from existing sources, with cutting edge tools and methodologies.

And with over 20+ years of software integration experience we know what we are talking about.

Kafka, Kafka Connect, Confluent, Elasticsearch, Java, Scala are some of our specialities.

Top Talent of Developers

Predicting the future – and creating digital leadership, based on a real time messaging platform is what every company wants. 

Our specialty is in taking data out from existing industrial verticals, such as manufacturing and automotive, but we have a history of working for customers in all segments.

We can provide developers onsite, remote, in any which way possible, in every industry.

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Top Talent of Developers
Enable agility and speed, like never before

Enable agility and speed, like never before

“Event streaming is the right foundation for company data.

The business is the totality of all the events that are happening now as well as happened in the past. 

Event streaming maps to this, by allowing customers to see data as a continually updating stream of events.

Finally, customers can run their business in real-time, by building real-time applications with historical context —

all based off a universal event pipeline.”

– Confluent

We can help you in all of these areas and more::

– Bring together data from all sources you know about and also the ones you don’t

– Analyze processes better and become more productive.

– Worldwide exchange of data across companies, sites, factories and locations

– Smart real-time control simultaneously all over the world

– Cost savings and reduce bottlenecks

– Improve up-time for key assets and processes

– Become faster, more transparent and safer.

– Control the narrative in terms of global security and control, across suppliers and partners alike

– Creating a steadily growing global ecosystem based on a universal event pipeline

– Provide new technologies and innovations rapidly across various locations

– Integrate companies from the entire value stream and to build up a network of partners  with information that will bring benefits to all concerned

– Stay ahead of competition

We can help you in all of these areas and more::

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